Deluxe Long Feather Earrings - "LilyBelle" blend

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Our feather earrings are long, lightweight, and eyecatching!  Each pair of earrings are hand crimped or wire wrapped by us, using genuine Whiting rooster feathers to create a dazzling display of colour.

Our Deluxe earrings feature 14 feathers per pair (7 per earring) ranging from 7-11"  These earrings have a silver plated chandelier hook and are carefully wire wrapped by hand, using stainless steel wire.  Each pair is one of a kind and unique, handmade in Canada by us, not mass produced overseas.  We are also able to make any custom colour combination that you can think of, please see our "DIY Earrings" in this category for more information.

The "LilyBelle" mix features pink, purple, and blue feathers! The photo is an example, your feathers may vary slightly.


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