Purple Feathers

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Single Purple Feather with micro ring of your choice colour.

Our Lilybelle Single feather extensions range in length from 7-13+ inches.  We will try to send them in the longest length we have available, but cannot guarantee specific lengths as this is a 100% natural product.  As such, they can be washed, blowdried, curled, and treated just like normal hair! With proper care, they can last installed for 2-4 months - though some re-adjustment may be necessary as your hair grows.

We hand dye each of our coloured feathers in a natural dye solution which should remain 99.5% colourfast.  Some minimal colour loss may occur if certain colour-stripping shampoos/chlorines (from a swimming pool) are applied. 

Available In: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue (turquoise), Purple, Pink - Solid or Striped

Striped black and White, Natural, Mahogany, Black, Cream

We will do our best to send you our nicest feathers available in your choice, every order is slightly different!

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